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    Table Reservations


Table Rental Rates


All Wall Tables (Slat and Non-Slat) are $50.00 per table, all other tables (Main Floor) are $45.00 per table


Table spaces are available for rent by advance reservation only. Applications will be e-mailed (or mailed) to those on our dealer mailing list shortly after July 4th for the Fall Show and shortly after New Years for the Spring Show. Our dealer mailing list includes previous dealers and anyone who has requested an application. Anyone may ask to be put on the dealer mailing list at any time; however, applications are not accepted between the Spring Show and July 4th, nor between the Fall Show and New Years.


You may download Rules for Dealers which are a part of the Dealer’s Contract by clicking HERE.


You may also download a Dealer’s Contract by clicking HERE


Applicants may indicate their preference for either wall, slat-wall, or main floor tables. However, there are far fewer wall tables (including Slat Wall tables) compared to main floor tables, therefore everyone may not get their preference. Specific table assignments will be made by the show manager after all applications are in. Table assignments will be given at the door during set up. Preference is given to previous dealers with regular attendance who submit their applications before February 15 for the Spring Show and before August 15 for the Fall Show. After these dates, it is “first come, first served”.


All spaces have tables 8 feet long and 2˝ feet wide with 4 feet of space behind the table (except where tables meet at a corner). Dealers may substitute their own display apparatus for the table but it must be within the same total space (8 feet by 6 1/2 feet). Chairs are provided with the table.


* Slat-wall spaces have standard commercial slat-walls with slots between slats which can be used to insert hangers or small commercially available shelves. When the Show is in the North Hall with only 8 slat-wall spaces, these spaces are normally taken by long time dealers at the show and are not usually available. When the Show is in the South Hall slat-wall spaces outnumber regular wall spaces. Dealers with slat-wall spaces are not obligated to use the slats.


Main floor spaces are arranged in oblong groups of 12 tables (2 rows of 5 tables each with 1 table at each end separating the 2 rows) as shown in the diagram below.


                                                          Diagram of a Main Floor Table Group





Note: Attendance at these shows has varied from 600-1200 people, which includes many serious collectors.



For reservations or to be put on the dealer mailing list contact:


          Sherlyn Sampson

          Telephone 970-663-9392



Dealer Setup is Friday 2:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Saturday 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.



The State of Colorado requires all vendors selling to the public to have a sales tax license and collect applicable sales taxes. Special Event Sales Tax Licenses are available online at ,or at one of their Service Centers, for a fee of $8.